About Us

At Sunblitz, our approach to business has never changed — its lay with our people and technology. We seek to remain at the forefront of the times by further cultivating existing technologies while introducing and developing promising new technologies. In this way, we are constantly preparing for the future through tireless innovation.

Our Mission

As a ODM manufacture, we aim to become a world leader in  intelligent digital flash products and other accessories to meet the needs and aspirations of our international business partners. Taking technical innovation as the driving force for our development, we are committed to providing quality digital products for our partners in the world. In addition, the intense competition in recent years has demonstrated one key fact: only the very best companies and best products survive.

Company History

SUNBLITZ Corporation Pte Ltd was established in 2002 by an elite group of engineers. Founded by Mr George Lin, with more than thirty year of experience in the photo and imaging industry. Sunblitz strive to pays close attention to customer needs and proposes products that enable customers to use with greater ease, convenience, and efficiency, and remain in step with the global advance of design and stylish.

Equipped with the latest knowledge and experience in digital imaging and lighting technology, we have developed a leading cutting edge range of products. We design and manufacture our accessories perfecting them into unique, innovative products; many of them are first of its kind in the world.

We introduced our brand symbol, expressing our efforts in meeting the challenge of an infinite future.

  1. Our goal & objective is to provide the best quality products without compromising the quality and design with full compliance to international standards for our valued customers worldwide.
  2. Aim to be the best in each business field by restructuring our businesses and focusing our resources on growing fields where we can make the most of our strengths.
  3. Build agile management that allows us to adapt swiftly to the ever-changing business environment.

Our Brand

SUNBLITZ focuses on products like digital flashes and other accessories. These digital imaging products are produce with the end-user ease of use in mind. We are single minded in our focus on digital imaging and photography arena, setting new standards for digital flash, image storage devices and imaging viewing device.

SUNBLITZ is our wholly owned brand dedicated specially to provide lighting equipments for users of all kinds.